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Hey guys! I’m digging myself out of the grave because this is really important and I think this is the only place where I can actually do this.

Please, please, please vote daily on MAMA if you haven’t been doing so already. Just a single click, a single vote can make a difference. Let’s make our boys proud.

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Hey there, Petals. Guess whose joined the club?! That’s right, Kyuhyun. Now go and drop a message into his ask, I don’t want to deal with his tantrums just because I’m more popular than he is. -heenim ✿
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Okay I felt kind of mean with my last post so I deleted it LOL Anyway I changed the URL from asksj-heechul to askheenim! ’ u ‘!

[edit] Oh, and I promise that I’ll start answering questions again after school is over! 6/06 baby! ‘Till then.~ /dips out/

Hello there, my dear petals. Just letting you all know that I’m still alive. And why am I sideways? Well, let’s leave that to your imagination.